A Message From Our Mom

It was love at first sight for the three of us, Jewel, Todd and I.

We bonded immediately, and we had such a good time together in Ethiopia. I did have a moment of fear on the flight home from Ethiopia. I thought, “Faith has been our Princess for over four years. She may have prayed for a sister, but how is this really going to turn out? What if Faith insists on continuing to be our little Princess?” I smiled at Jewel happily playing as I prayed and my fear subsided as quickly as it came.

When Faith was a two year old, she had a large vocabulary. She reported to Todd and I that she was praying for a little sister. I thought to myself that she was going to have her heart broken when her prayer did not come true. Little did I know that God was working in our hearts as well! And more than a year later, we found ourselves preparing to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. God had already placed it in our daughter’s heart before we received it from God.

When they first met, it was love at first sight for Faith and Jewel as well. They immediately hugged and began playing even though neither knew the other’s language. They became instant best friends!
Their love for one another would turn heads wherever we would go. Many people would stop to look at the two of them as they were always arm in arm, hand in hand and giggling. Some would ask,”Are they always like this?” Yes. “Do they ever fight?” No. “They are so cute together!” They are a match made in heaven! They are living proof that God answers the prayers of the little children!

And so it continues to this day at the ages of eleven and twelve. Best friends. A match made in heaven. God speaking to the hearts of children and answering their prayers to perfection.

It is our prayer that our book touches your family in some way. And that you also may experience greatness when you hear and listen to the voice of God.



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  • Laura Corbett says:

    Hi Kate! I found you through YWAM’s blog page as we recently adopted a little girl through them last September. We had a little different experience than your daughters Faith and Jewel. My youngest son just turned 3 and Kena who we adopted was about to turn 2, they were 13 months apart. He was use to being the baby and had a very hard adjustment to her coming home. They have since started getting along better, but there are still many sibling fights. So I wrote a poem based on our experience through the eyes of my 3 yr old and would love to share it with you to see if it’s something worth pursing? I was kind of wondering how you got to getting the book published, who to use, etc. I copied and pasted it below. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    One sibling, two siblings, three siblings……four?

    One sibling, two siblings, three siblings….four? How will mommy share her love with one more?
    This new one is different, looks nothing like us, from a country and continent we’ve never discussed.
    Her skin and eyes are brown and ours are peachy and blue, her hair feels soft like a pillow that is new.
    She is very quiet at first checking everything out, stays close to mommy with scared looks and soft pouts.
    She eats super fast as if it won’t last and cries when she’s done which is really no fun.
    Our toys are no good unless it’s taking baby for a stroll, she would rather dance to music to help soothe her soul.
    New places and people create quite a stir unless mommy is there to make her feel secure.
    But wait….I don’t like all this extra attention this new arrival gets, why did they bring someone home who throws so many fits?
    Mommy and daddy told me God put her in a special place in their hearts, that they were needed to take 1 child of many millions off the orphan charts. You see, God first adopted all of us to give hope and eternal life with Him. If we don’t share that hope with others then we are committing sin. By giving my sister a family who loves her and teaches her about Jesus, it’s the kind of work for God that is satisfying and pleases.
    I guess I would also be sad if I had no mom or dad. No one to say a prayer with, tuck me in, and kiss me good night. No one to pick me up from a fall and hold me so tight.
    A couple months have gone by and she seems to be more settled, being playful and silly and loves to be tickled.
    I realized I was just being selfish, wanting mommy all for me and nobody else’s.
    Another playmate in the house isn’t so bad, especially when we play hide n seek and tag.
    No matter the difference or how many of us there are, I know God loves her, me, and everyone near or far.

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